• Ivan Segovia

Tips to avoid real estate fraud

Currently the square meter of land in our territory is notoriously higher, it is enough to compare the sale prices of a year ago when comparing them with the current ones, remember that BEFORE buying a land or property you must make sure that it has the dimensions, area and location that was promised for sale, since once the property is acquired it is very unpleasant and expensive to know that physically it has a much smaller area than what is indicated in the title or it is really located in a place very different from the one that showed you by the selling party.

For such cases I give you a list of steps to take to avoid becoming victims of real estate fraud.

  • Make sure that the land they show you is exactly what they are selling you since in many cases it turns out that the broker shows you a fenced, clean “Nice Land” but after making the purchase when you try to take possession the real owner appears and is when you find out that this property is not your land, after doing the investigations it turns out that the acquired property is located one block away, is invaded or has an excavation of an abandoned mine.

  • Investigate the provenance and legality of the property title as well as the documents that the seller shows you, for this there are government agencies that can help you, such as the Cadastral and the Public Registry. It is important to know that there are cases in which the deeds are apocryphal and are simply on a surface that does not exist.

  • Measure your land, although you already made sure that it is the correct land and that the documents are good, now you need to know if what they are selling you has the dimensions and the surface that the documents and the seller assure, for which it will be It is necessary to take a tape and measure the perimeter of the land to compare it with the documents.

There is no doubt that if what we are buying is a property 10 meters wide by 20 meters deep, it is, to some extent, "easy", but what happens if the land measures one hectare or more in area? What happens if the boundaries are overlaped? What happens if the terrain is not defined? For this, it is advisable to call a competent professional in the field of land surveying so that he or she can advise you, validate you, give you confidence, as well as prevent any unusual detail on the ground that you intend to acquire.


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